Economic development of Azerbaijan in recent years, the state successful economic reforms made the favorable investment the country's integration climate in the global economy, even successful economic policy of the possible benefits. Energy-N Ltd in 2011 to offer customers products and services that meet modern requirements are constantly expanding the scope of the establishment relationships with many companies in the world, the company provides a high level of customer services in Caucasus with gas and water production (counters, controls, alarms, sleeves, detectors, etc.) carries out the sale and service.


"Energy-N" LLC is the official representative the Elster, Alarm, FMG, GFO, EUROMET, Torque, Madas, Aterma, HCV companies


The number of our partners is increasing day by day. State enterprises (MES, education institutions, Defence Ministry, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Azersu OJSC, Ministry of Health, Azeristilik OJSC), private sector (Buildings MTK, offices, small and large companies, factories).